Advantages of inflatable boats

Advantages of inflatable boats over other types of boats.


Compared to both fibreglass and aluminium boats inflatable boats are considerably cheaper to buy. Also because they are lighter, you will use less fuel.


They are cheap and easy to repair when damaged you can easily repair them yourself.


Because they are so light weight you can move them around yourself. You don’t need a powerful and expensive motor for them a lower powered cheaper motor can easily do the job. The boats can use paddles even the larger boats where as with fibreglass and aluminium boats only dinghies can.


They are easily deflated to allow convenient storage in the garage or in the back of the car. The boat can then be quickly and easily re-inflated using an electric pump.


Inflatable boats have a low centre of gravity and a buoyancy tube on each side making them very stable they are difficult to flip and can be easily righted. Because of their stability you can stand up in even a small inflatable without having to worry about the boat flipping over.


The flat bottoms of the boats allow them to be used in very shallow water such as a river but the boats are still perfectly suited to lakes and the ocean.