SD Series

Key Features:


  • Inflatable keel
  • Keel and tube guard
  • Alloy no-skid floor

The SD series of inflatables are a premium quality inflatable that offers great stability via the oversized two-piece welded tubes. The inflatable keel helps lift the bow of the boat to cut through the chop making a drier and more comfortable ride.

SD Series | 230–330 | Download

Price FromP.O.A$1,299$1,399P.O.A
Overall length (cm)230270300330
Overall width (cm)130145145145
Tube diameter (cm)33424242
No. of chambers2+13+13+13+1
Max. Persons2+13+14+15
Max. load (kg)300450550620
Max Motor Power (hp)5101518
Hull weight (kg)33434548
Packing size (cm)100x60x28110x64x32110x64x34110x64x34
Seat Number1122

SD Series | 360–400 | Download

Price From $1,949$2,149POA
Overall Length360380400
Overall Width (cm)165165165
Tube diameter (cm)444444
No. of chambers3+13+13+1
Max. Persons678
Max. load (kg)680750850
Max. Motor power (hp)182025
Hull weight (kg)687175
Packing size (cm)127x68x38129x68x38129x68x38
Seat Number222

SD Series | 420–560 | Download

Price From $2299POAPOAPOA
Overall Length (cm)420450520560
Overall Width (cm)200200200200
Tube diameter (cm)50505050
No. of chambers3+13+15+15+1
Max. Persons9101113
Max. load (kg)950105012001400
Max. Motor power (hp)30353540
Hull weight (kg)8592102110
Packing size (cm)147x71x38147x71x38147x71x40147x71x40

MD Series

Our MD Series are great for using as a tender for a yacht or for someone looking to go on the water for an affordable price. Only going to size 3.0 these boats will easily fit on the roof of your truck or when packed into its bag it can comfortably sit the boot of your car.

SA Series

The SA Series feature a pointed nose for better lift on the water. The SA series includes multiple chambers, twin anchor rollers, and keel/tube guards. The SA series are suitable for those looking for an inflatable boat to go diving and fishing.

ST Series

Our ST Series are suitable for yacht tenders and general use on lakes and rivers . Smaller than our other series, these inflatables are very light weight making them easy to carry. There will be no problems lifting these onto the back of a big boat.