MD Series

Key Features:


  • Multi chambered
  • Splash Guard
  • Large diameter tube
  • Alloy Transom Option
Our MD Series are great for using as a tender for a yacht or for someone looking to go on the water for an affordable price. Only going to size 3.0 these boats will easily fit on the roof of your truck or when packed into its bag it can comfortably sit the boot of your car.

MD Series Specifications | Download

Price From$999$1,199$1,299$1,449
Overall Length (cm)230270300330
Overall Width (cm)130145145145
Tube Diameter (cm)33424242
No. of Chambers2+13+13+13+1
Max. Persons3+13+145
Max. Load (kg)300450550620
Max. Motor Power (hp)6101215
Hull Weight (kg)33424549
Packing Size (cm)100x60x28110x64x32110x64x32110x64x34
Seat Number1122
Alloy Transom UpgradeOptionOptionOptionOption
Floor TypeAlloyAlloyAlloyAlloy

SD Series

The SD Series are larger vessels of impressive build quality and include large 2 piece welded tubes, making this series suitable for all operations whether it be diving, fishing or transporting items from ship to shore.

ST Series

Our ST Series are suitable for yacht tenders and general use on lakes and rivers. Smaller than our other series, these inflatables are very light weight making them easy to carry.

SA Series

The SA series are suitable for those looking for an inflatable boat to go diving and fishing. The SA Series feature a pointed nose for better lift on the water and includes multiple chambers, twin anchor rollers, and keel/tube guards.